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Blue Ridge Middle School

Foothills K-9 teams were invited to participate in Blue Ridge Middle School's "PARENTS as PARTNERS NIGHT" on February 28, 2008. The mission for the program was "Reading, Teaching, Inspiring" for the students. The students along with their parents, guardians, and families had a chance to interact in many different Science, Math, and Career activities. We had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people. We explained what we do for the community, and we educated our audiences about ways to avoid getting lost and shared some wilderness survival tips.

dana mango w boy.jpg

Howard Burgess, Jr. with Dana Cowden and her K-9 Mango

dana mango girl.JPG

Skylar Seppala visits with Dana Cowden and Golden Retriever K-9 Mango

brms cert001_0.jpg  

mark skyy family.jpg

Dylan and Joey Mott with mom, Christie, visit with Mark Sutton and K-9 Skyy, a German Shepherd

mark speech 2.jpg

Mark Sutton explaining the importance of being prepared for a hike in the woods